Thursday, July 11, 2013

VLC for Android APK

It is very unlikely that an audio airplay does not synchronize with its video presentation. It is much worse than delayed or advanced presented subtitles or footages that were captured by an ordinary handycam. Instead of getting the best entertainment from your favorite audio and visual effects, such irritating delays and distortions on the audio can entirely ruin your mood. But, through VLC audio sync application, a solution is provided in just a breeze.

In reality, a poor source and problems on the conversion are the reasons of these hassles. An out of sync audio effect is an indicative sign that your filmic copy came from somewhere legitimate yet unreliable source. The mismatching of the audio and the video presentation might be caused by troubles in conversion of the National Television System Committee (NTSC) to Programmable Alternate Line (PAL). This is a common reason why the length of a specific audio track is not adjusted properly. With VLC audio sync hotkey solution, synchronizing the audio effects with the visuals is very easy.

The VideoLan Client audio sync is a very helpful technology for the audio and video track synchronization. If you navigate your PC, you can locate an offset value expressed in milliseconds to give advanced options for audio preferences of the specific application.  Appropriate guessing of the right value should be observed, since doing this often results to trial and error efforts. You can do this by restarting the movie you are playing, and then determining if the audio or sound effects have been more or less from the visual. If it is not yet synchronized, trying the process again is required until the right timing and adjustments are made.

With VLC audio sync keyboard shortcuts, adjusting both the audio and video visual is aided. You do not have to worry with the adjustments, since these keyboard shortcuts avoid thumb-crushing and irritating hammer blows. For Mac, keyboard F and G are used, while for windows, letters J and K are utilized for the adjustments. Respectively, the audio can be moved back or forward with 50 milliseconds. Navigating through these shortcuts is quick, easy with no advanced fiddling prerequisites.

On the VLC player, you can simply synchronize the audio over the video if they are out of sync by first, clicking the ‘Tools’ tab on VLC while the movie is still playing. After that, from the drop down menu, you should choose the ‘Extended Settings’ and then click on the ‘Synchronization’ tab. When the options pop up, you can see under the audio and video options, where you can click the arrow up or depending on the voice synchronization your video track needed.

Being the world’s best video player, any problem with the video track can affect the entertainment that you and your friends are looking for. With VLC audio sync that features easy shortcuts for syncing audio while on the fly, attaining quality video watching is highly possible. The best thing about this solution is that there are no charges at stake.

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