Thursday, August 15, 2013

Google Music v5.1.1109K Removes SD Card Support Hack, Adds Very Little

So, there's this extremely minor Google Music update floating around in the "rollout" ether that will take you from 5.1.1107K to 5.1.1109K. I poked around in it and found a few boring changes related to Chromecasting, but the "new feature" that some people will really notice is the removal of the SD card hack we told you about last month.

[APK] Download Google+ 4.1 With Swipe-Down-To-Refresh, Drive Photos, Easy Account Switching, Better Location Sharing, And More

Earlier today, Google announced a pretty significant update to the Google+ app for Android. Version 4.1, which follows 4.0.2, brought the following new features:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NVIDIA SHIELD software update rolling out now, fixes audio lag when game streaming and other bugs

Owners of the NVIDIA Shield are being greeted with yet another over-the-air update, this time in the form of a 402.6MB software update to address audio latency issues. Apparently some users have been reporting audio that was delayed and not syncing properly with the visuals when game streaming from a GeForce equipped PC. Aside from the usual bug fixes and enhancements, this update 51 should patch up that audio problem nicely.

When it comes to niche devices like the NVIDIA Shield, prompt software updates help ease our concerns that the device would suffer in the support department. If you have a Shield and have yet to receive your update, you can check for one manually by jumping into your Settings app > About Shield > and selecting System Updates.

Anyone out there purchase a Shield? If so, let us know how the handheld and the update is treating you.

inexpensive android handset

Samsung Wallet gives Galaxy owners a Passbook-like experience, now available on Google Play

Samsung has just released Samsung Wallet onto the Google Play Store and it looks to provide Galaxy users with the Apple Passbook app they’ve been missing. Before you download, don’t get this confused with the NFC-based Google Wallet — there are no actual transactions to be done using this app.

Instead, Samsung Wallet acts like a physical wallet, simply storing and organizing all your membership cards, coupons, event tickets and whatever else.  Because this is a Samsung app, it remains exclusive to their Galaxy line of devices and is only currently compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. cheap android device

The best part is other apps can take advantage of Samsung Wallet, by a handy “Load to Samsung Wallet” button appearing in some of your favorite apps. At launch, Samsung Wallet is only supported by specific retailers like Walgreens,,, and more. If this sounds useful to you, grab Samsung Wallet via the link below.

[Samsung Wallet on Google Play]