Thursday, August 15, 2013

[APK] Download Google+ 4.1 With Swipe-Down-To-Refresh, Drive Photos, Easy Account Switching, Better Location Sharing, And More

Earlier today, Google announced a pretty significant update to the Google+ app for Android. Version 4.1, which follows 4.0.2, brought the following new features:

  • Google Drive Photos integration, including viewing, easier sharing, and auto-awesome/auto-enhance.
  • Account switching without having to log out.
  • Better location sharing controls.
  • Google+ified swipe-down-to-refresh (like Gmail, except with funky fresh Google+ colored bars).
  • Messenger extermination (finally, the Messenger menu item is gone).
  • Google Apps for Business support.
  • Update #1: G+ Photos gets its own icon in your app drawer.

Unfortunately for us, eager users, the update is staged. Very staged - from what I can tell, almost nobody has received it so far. Fortunately, someone has, and they've forwarded the apk to us. Just download and install it as you would normally - it'll update your Google+ to 4.1 in no time.

VLC for Android APK download

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