Thursday, May 16, 2013

Carmageddon for Android free download

If you're an avid Android gamer, you'll be extremely pleased to read that Stainless Games's Silver Award-winning Carmageddon is finally available to download from Google Play.

Furthermore, it's available to download for free for a 24-hour period, so - providing you act fast - you can add it to your collection without even putting your hand in your pocket.

Carmageddon was originally released back in 1997, though it was subsequently banned due to its over-the-top gory nature.

Carmageddon isn't a traditional racing title, you see. In it, you earn points for mowing down grannies and any other helpless pedestrians that are unlucky enough to stumble in front of your vehicle.

There are currently two different versions of Carmageddon on Google Play: Carmageddon Promo (the full game available for free) [download], and Carmageddon (the full game with in-app purchases) [buy].

Carmageddon Promo will be removed from Google Play at some point tomorrow. Unfortunately, Stainless Games won't be able to support this version of the title, as there's no way to update it once it's removed.

Still, it's free. Stop your moaning.

You own an iPhone or iPad, too, eh? Good news, folks: Carmageddon is free [download] for a limited time on iOS, too. Be sure to add it to your collection while it's gratis.

Carmageddon for Android Free Download

Carmageddon APK for Android

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